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Oil & Gas IQ is devoted to providing energy professionals with the most comprehensive selection of case studies and white papers on the internet. Explore specialised Oil research and Gas research through our collection of whitepapers. Our white papers aim to educate industry leaders as they make complex business decisions that drive growth, innovation and ROI. 

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Does your maintenance strategy fit your commercial and safety objectives? In a low oil price environment there is a pressure to maintain uptime and production, this often means postponing maintenance viewed as non-essential and stalling shutdowns and turnarounds. This white paper identifies how you can reduce your maintenance burden in five principal ways.Learn more

Using GIS in Ecological Management

Geo-information technologies are valuable tools for ecological assessment in stressed environments. Visualizing natural features prone to disasters from the oil sector spatially not only helps in focusing the scope of environmental management with records of changes in affected areas, but it also furnishes information on the pace at which resource extraction affects nature.Learn more

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GIS applications in global environmental protection

The practical applications of a mix scale approach involving GIS and remote sensing offers governments and enterprises a solution for monitoring the carrying capacity of fragile ecosystems, such as the River Niger Delta. In the last decades, policy debates within the field of global environmental protection have identified the continuous release of carbon into the atmosphere from the consumptionLearn more

Analyzing Water Management Issues Using GIS: The Case of Nigeria

Water access remains a big issue in Nigeria where it is yet to be accorded priority. Seeing the various guidelines designed to safeguard aquatic ecosystems, the regulatory framework has been ineffective in containing the widespread discharge of toxics into surface water environments.Learn more

Assessing Ecosystem Liabilities of Oil and Gas Activities in Southern Nigeria

Since the discovery of oil in the Niger Delta region, the sector’s contribution to Nigeria’s economy came at a huge environmental cost involving recurrent spills resulting in the spewing of oil into sensitive ecosystems. In the process, gas flaring from the industry has accelerated at an alarming rate and degrading the fragile mangrove ecosystem.Learn more


The 16th year of the 21st century was an eventful one.   Britain voted to leave the European Union, a reality TV star became president of the world’s only superpower, a military coup was foiled in Turkey, Columbia negotiated an end to the longest guerrilla insurgency in modern times and international terrorists began to start using modes of transport as weapons. In this analysis, we look atLearn more

Oil & Gas IQ - FSRU Fad Or Practical Solution

This article takes a closer look at why the Indian sub-continent is currently a favourable destination for LNG imports and also examines where FSRUs fit in the entire LNG value-chain in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.Learn more

Thumb -Wind power

In this infographic using data from a recently published GWEC report find out which countries produced the most wind energy in 2016 and their total capacity.Learn more

av rep

In this exclusive report, we breakdown and dissect where the challenges and grievances lie in these testing times and where we think that opportunities for improvement exist on the frontlines of the oil and gas world.Learn more

FSRU Thumb

The growth of the Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) industry has been phenomenal, and what was intended to be a specialist niche LNG solution is now a mainstream solution for potential new regasification terminals globally. Download this 5 page report to learn more about FSRU and which regions in Asia are gearing up to join the bandwagon.Learn more

310 results
of 31