Oil & Gas IQ Announces Its Top Bloggers Of 2011

Over the past three months, the editorial and production team here at Oil & Gas iQ has been collating a host of the insightful, informative and entertaining blogs that we go to when focusing on issues concerning the energy industry.

Initially, we had a 200-strong list of contenders, which, after much deliberation, we whittled down to our favourite 25. Given the calibre of the publications we had to choose from, it was actually a remarkably hard task - just try choosing your top 25 films of all time or your Best Ever Footballing World eleven and you'll see just how hard it is.

The blogs we selected encompass the entire Oil and Gas industry including LNG, Legal, HSE, Production, Information and many more.

In the end - and in no particular order, I might add - the 25 entries below were our Top Blogs of 2011.

LNG Law Blog

Sutherland law firm's regularly updated blog providing insights into the latest legal issues.

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog

Thomas Fox, friend to Oil & Gas iQ's splendid blog, voted number 1 for legal issues by us and also in the LexisNexis top 25 Business Law Blogs of 2010.


Beautifully presented blogs dealing with contemporary concerns in oil and gas, particularly focusing on shipping.

The Reference Files

Great blog on the financial side of the oil and gas industry, jam-packed with all the facts and figures to boot.

Maritime Professional

Shipping, infrastructure, logistics, this blog has it all and in spades

Risk & Safety Blog

The name says it all really, keeping up to date with HSE legislation and implementation worldwide.

The Energy Collective

Excellent conglomerate of well-thought out blogs covering all aspects of the energy industry.

All of us are smarter than any of us….

Chris Collison
, long-term friend of Oil & Gas iQ's topical and thought provoking blog bringing together observations from the world of knowledge management

Oil Price Net

All about the benjamins in this blog full of informed financial and political analysis

The Price of Oil

That's price in the monetary and figurative senses. Great analysis in this blog that turns a critical eye to the oil and gas sector.

Speaking Of Oil

Internet home of the straight-talking Tom Kloza, this blog couples dry wit with shrewd comment in an easy-reading package


Up-to-date news and views from this great pan-global resource

The Oil Drum

Regularly updated analysis of current developments in the energy sector. Particularly good coverage of Fukushima incident.

Climate Change Advisor for Shell

David Hone
's personal insights on approaching climate change form inside one of the world's leading oil companies.

FT Energy Source

The voice of the financial world's newspaper of record on contemporary energy matters.

Oil Diplomacy

Geopolitical analysis from veteran journalist Eric Watkins, his piece "Who dines with the Devil" was particularly eye-catching

Engrossed in Energy

Mikaila Adams
' energy thoughts from Houston, Texas, the self-proclaimed "energy capital of the world".

Health, Safety & Environmental Blog

A window onto the world HSE regulation from veteran journalist Paula Dittrick.

The Penn Energy Power Blog

The PennWell is definitely mightier than the sword in this power generation-centric blog offering.

All Energy, All the Time

The fantastically-named Phaedra Troy give her 50 cents on all things energy, from coal to renewable

Renewable Energy World

Cold, hard facts and info from a compendium of blogs dealing with issues in clean energy

R Squared

Direct from Hawaii, objective discussions on energy and environmental issues from Robert Rapier.

Learning, Leadership, Change

Those three words say it all. Andrew Wojecki's advice and musings on inspirational management tactics.

David Bamford's Blog

Regularly updated and regularly entertaining, a great read for energy-hungry professionals.

tfpl blog

A UK-based knowledge management blog dwelling on the finer point of efficient knowledge and information management.

The Forrester Blog

The world-renowned research company brings together and record the thoughts of luminaries in the world of info management.

Don't forget about our own humble offering to the blogosphere...

Rig Writer

Geopolitical thoughts from Oil & Gas iQ's resident blogger, Shunka Witko.

These were our favourites but have we missed any of yours?

If we have ommited your favourites feel free to drop us a line

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