Notes From The Editor Posts

Editorial: where eagles dare
Published: 2014-03-11
"I once got attacked by a bearskin rug, two days before it was a rug." Jarod Kintz (1982 - )
Waters are boiling in the Black Sea. After weeks of tumult focused in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, tensions are now lathering in the Crimean Peninsula, where a stand off between Ukrainian and Russian forces is threatening the onset of "C...
1543 - Henry VIII of England launches a medieval Totale Krieg on The Kingdom of Scotland in an attempt to force the unification of the two states through the marriage of his son, Edward, and the infant Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. The unsucc...
"You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure." Margaret Thatcher (1925 - 2013) News reaches us today that Oman, the Sultanate of 3.8 million people perched on the southeast coast of the Arabi...
"It's a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water." - Franklin P. Jones (1908 - 1980) The annual World Economic Forum swept into the magnificent mountaintop resor...
"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision." Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005)
"I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one."- Mark Twain (1835-1910) This past weekend, supermajor Total became the first multinational integrated oil and gas company to invest in the B...
2014: the winds of change
Published: 2014-01-07
As the protracted Syrian crisis will doubtless rumble into its third year this March, will we see the long-feared occlusion of the Sunni-Shia war of civilisation ravage the heart of OPEC and oil prices go through the roof?
"For every promise, there is price to pay." Jim Rohn (1930 – 2009)
Editorial: Wooing A State - Love & Blackmail, It's A Gas, Gas, Gas
Editorial: Iranian Entente
Published: 2013-11-25
"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." – Willie Nelson (1933 - )
"Distrust and caution are the parents of security." Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790) The recent killing of eight security personnel near the Belhaf gas export terminal has underlined an...
742-years ago, a teenage Marco Polo would set out from Italy with his father and uncle on a voyage of discovery into Asia.
"When an argument flares up, the wise man quenches it with silence" - Indian Proverb
"Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principal one was, that they escaped teething." Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)
British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders at the Siege of Yorktown, prompting the British government to negotiate an end to the Revolutionary War and give the 13 colonies their independence from the Crown.
US energy independence a pipe dream?
Published: 2013-10-08
"It is not best that we should all think alike; it is a difference of opinion that makes horse races." Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)
"Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door." - Kyle Chandler (1965 - )
"Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth." Tom Barrett (1953 - )