November 04 - 06, 2019
Norris Conference Center - City Centre Location, Houston, TX
Hack Heyward, Partner at Information Services Group

Hack Heyward

Information Services Group

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Pre-Conference Workshops: November 4

Monday, November 4th, 2019

8:00 AM Workshop B:Accelerating your Digital Transformation: Leveraging IoT to Drive Higher Asset Performance and Operational Efficiency over the Long Term

The oil and gas industry is facing unprecedented levels of complexity and market
upheaval. Historically low commodity prices, geopolitical events, disruptive technologies
and increased regulation mean the pressure to innovate (while simultaneously reducing
operations costs) is constant.
The intersection of IT and engineering is taking place throughout the discovery and
completion ecosystem and gives enterprises the capability to garner real-time intelligence
and improve decision-making onsite and in remote operations centers. Innovative
companies are making their operations more cost-competitive by leveraging digital asset
optimization practices and focusing on the future and long-run capital In the face of
uncertain long-term forecasts, this workshop will equip you with solutions that can create
additional profits from existing capacity and turn a costly operational expense into a
competitive advantage.
This highly interactive workshop run by ISG’s Hack Heyward, Dale Hearn and Ola Chowning,
will show you how IoT and analytics (comparative, predictive and prescriptive) can be used to
improve return on assets and capital employed. ISG will provide guidance on:
• Capture and analyze data that will lead to improved exploration efforts, oil recovery,
drilling accuracy, project delivery, and equipment maintenance and safety
• Identify the barriers that are currently preventing you from achieving your asset
optimization goals
• Ensure there is an appropriate focus on “Change Management” methodologies to
ensure adoption by your field employees
• Harness institutional knowledge by creating a Center of Excellence that houses best in
class analytics, process and operational knowledge